Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jungle Cat is from the Sky

Yesterday it snowed about 6 inches. Alison and I were coming home after attending a Christmas party. I had to go up and around behind our house so I could park on the side of the street our house is on. The street I went down was so icy that I slid right through the stop sign. As we slid, Alison saw Jungle Cat cross the road. After we recovered and my car unstalled, I parked it and we went on the hunt. I said to Alison, "this is perfect. It's snowing so we can follow Jungle Cat's paw prints and find out where he lives." So we went on the search. The prints back tracked to underneath my neighbours truck. There was one set of prints leading away from the truck, but no other prints leading to the truck. No one had drove or walked around the truck, the snow was untouched. Our conclusions? Jungle Cat is a) a figment of our imaginations b) he's living under and in Jules' truck or c) Jungle Cat came from the sky.

Jungle Cat upclose and personal

Alison was able to capture these pictures of Jungle Cat one Sunday when he was watching her through the window. Look at Jungle Cat's body language compared to Morrisseys. There is no challenge in identifying the wild one. I wonder if Jungle Cat spies on me through my basement windows during the night.

The elusive Jungle Cat

Snapping pictures of Jungle Cat is difficult. He moves fast and somehow, when you snap photos of him he turns into looking like a normal tabby. Trust us, this cat is no tabby. He is spotted, lanky, long, and has ears twice the size of a regular cat. He has huge testicles. He is fast. Not friendly. Sneaky. Some might call this cat Designer, but we call this cat wild, hard to tame. We call him Jungle Cat.

Hunting Jungle Cat

Sometimes when we are sitting in the living room, Jungle Cat watches us from the window. One might think that this would be a perfect opportunity to capture Jungle Cat on film, however, as soon as you notice him, his animal instinct kicks in and he runs away. We have discovered the best way to get Jungle Cat to come around is to use my cat, Morrissey, as bait. Jungle Cat doesn't like humans, but he is comfortable around other felines. Every Sunday, since we first spotted Jungle Cat we have dedicated the day to hunting him.
I should clarify this isn't Jungle Cat in the picture above. This is Morrissey and his other neighbourhood cat friend helping us hunt Jungle Cat.

Jungle Cat

I'll never forget the first evening I saw Jungle Cat, it was like being in the amazon rainforest. Alison and I were coming home from one of our evening excursions and then jungle cat appeared. I wasn't sure if what I was seeing was an illusion or not. I wrote this BLOG ENTRY about the experience. Ever since that day, we have become obsessed with capturing Jungle Cat both physically and with the camera, which has proven to be almost impossible.